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American Federal Government

Title: American Federal Government: .
Name(s): Haberman, Mary S., author

Type of Resource: Course Modules
Date Issued: March 2013
Abstract/Description: Welcome to Political Science 202: American Government. I hope you will find this course useful. The curriculum here may be used as is, in part or in whole, for teaching a college level American Government class. The layout and assignments are designed for an online course, but it could be easily adapted for a face to face course as long as students have access to the online resources. Please feel free to use what you find helpful and bypass what you don’t. I realize every instructor is different and makes his or her own choices. Materials provided in the course are Creative Commons Licensed, meaning that you have permission to use them in full or make changes as you see fit to serve your purposes. An attribution is appreciated. (Note that most links to pages outside the course are not Creative Commons Licensed.) I also consider this course (and any course) a work in progress. New developments in politics will quickly render some current examples out of date. Instructors teaching the course will probably want to add their own current examples and/or have students do this by following the news throughout the course. Resources used for the course have some limits as well. They had to be free or inexpensive and readily accessible on the internet. And they had to be discovered. I am sure there are some stellar resources out there that could enhance the course that I missed.
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