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Statistics using Technology 3rd Edition

Title: Statistics using Technology 3rd Edition: .
Name(s): Kozak, Katherine, author

Type of Resource: Textbook
Date Issued: 08/13/2020
Abstract/Description: The additions to this edition mostly involve adding the commands to create graphs, compute descriptive statistics, finding probabilities, and computing inferential analysis using the open source software R Studio, and the removal of all other technologies. Data Frames with multiple variables and multiple units of measurements were expanded to most of the data. This is to make the course more data-centric. Lastly, minor explanations were made and corrections were made where necessary.
Identifier: STA2023_06 (IID)
Statistics, STA2023
Subject(s): Statistics
Use and Reproduction: licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
Host Institution: FLVC
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