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Title: Macroeconomics: .
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Type of Resource: Textbook
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Abstract/Description: This textbook concerns the wonderful world of macroeconomics, or economics on a very large scale, concerning national and international systems. It serves as an introduction to macroeconomics, and is primarily aimed at students in their final few years of secondary education, though it could also be used by interested students younger or older than that. See Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory for learning more advanced macroeconomics.; ; Knowledge of microeconomics would be useful and preferred, but grasping overall concepts does not require an in depth previous knowledge. See Principles of Economics for a brief introduction to both microeconomics and macroeconomics and Principles of Microeconomics for learning introductory microeconomics.; ; It is worth remembering that this textbook can be edited at any time, with the link at the top of this page. This is both good and bad - you yourself, having spotted a mistake or having noticed a poor definition, can correct it and should feel free to do so. The bad side is that anyone can edit it, so content may be inaccurate while the wikibook is in its infancy!
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Subject(s): Macroeconomics
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