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Good Health and Well-Being, 21. Finding a Career Path

Title: Good Health and Well-Being, 21. Finding a Career Path: .
Name(s): Perlow, Jenna, author
Hermez, Sarkis, author
Acevedo, Natalia, author
Oneal, Donovan, author

Type of Resource: Web Resource
Date Issued: 2020
Publisher: Pressbooks
Abstract/Description: When beginning your journey to finding a career path, you must first outline your career goals. Having set goals can help you know you are on the right track, whether it be the amount of money you make or the experiences you have with the job. A few examples of career goals are to increase knowledge, increase earnings, be more active in the workplace, or obtain a higher position. These are just a few of the nonspecific ones, but they are your personal goals and you can customize them to your interest. When designing your career goals you also have to make sure you will be motivated to fulfill them. Your motivation to achieve your goals can either be intrinsic, extrinsic, or both. Intrinsic motivation brings personal satisfaction. You are motivated because you are bettering yourself. Extrinsic motivation is to receive something from others. You are motivated through a reward or punishment. Motivation plays a huge role in your career path, without it we lose satisfaction and commitment to our career. There are many different goals to set for yourself, they can be big or small and should be personal to you. Your goals should cater to your personality, values, and interests. Depending on your personality it may be harder to achieve some goals over others so make sure you set challenging goals that are in your comfort zone. Values also come into play when setting goals because you have to make sure you are not bending your beliefs to accomplish your goals. Finally, make sure you are interested in your goals, if you are not interested in them then either it should not be a goal or you are heading in the wrong direction.
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