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Introduction to Sociology (Hammond et al.)

Title: Introduction to Sociology (Hammond et al.): .
Name(s): Hammond, Ron J., author
Cheney, Paul, author

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Abstract/Description: Hi, my name is Ron J. Hammond. I earned a Ph.D. in Sociology-Family Studies in 1991. I wrote this book for you because I have a deep and abiding commitment to make knowledge available to all people of the world no matter their race, color, sex, creed, income, national origin, life style, or other personal traits that might work against them unfairly. I wrote this book because I love sociology as a profession, a science, and a way of approaching life with a sense of personal confidence that isn't there for those who never get to take a sociology course. More about author and book can be found here:
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Introduction to Sociology, SYG2000
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