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Principles of Public Speaking

Title: Principles of Public Speaking: .
Name(s): Schreiber, Lisa, author
Various, author

Type of Resource: Course
Abstract/Description: In Principles of Public Speaking, students learn how to prepare and deliver effective oral presentations, with an emphasis on informative and persuasive public speaking. The course introduces important elements of successful presentations including effective listening, presentation organization, and logical structure; informative and persuasive speech; use of visual aids, research, and evidence; ethical considerations; and techniques for building confidence in public speaking. This course was developed for the Kaleidoscope Open Course Initiative, a Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) grant-funded project, by Christie Fierro, Tacoma Community College and Brent Adrian, Central Community College. Much of the material for this course comes from Introduction to Public Speaking by Lisa Schreiber, licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND License.
Identifier: spc1608_13 (IID)

Introduction to Public Speaking, SPC1608, SPC2623
Subject(s): Speech Communication
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